Stocklist for HUNGARY (ARAD) : February 2018

All prices are in British Pounds Sterling
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SG Yvert Scott Mint Used   SG Yvert Scott Mint Used   SG Yvert Scott Mint Used
111NB1£13.00--   22191N14£1.90--   42381N37£4.25--
221NB2£3.25--   23201N15£4.25--   43391N39£7.25--
331NB3£2.75--   24211N16£5.00--   4433--£2.25--
551N2£1.50--   25221N17£15.50--   4535--£13.50--
661N3£2.50--   26231N22£9.00--   4636--£1.20--
771N4£1.70--   27241N23£1.70--   D49T61NJ1£4.00--
881N5£3.50--   28251N24£2.25--   D50T71NJ2£3.75--
991N6£1.90--   29261N25£2.00--   D51T81NJ3£6.25--
11101N7£10.50--   3141--£2.50--   D52T91NJ4£6.25--
12111N8£9.50--   33271N26£1.10--   D53T101NJ5£6.25--
13121N9£8.00--   33a27a1N26a£14.50--   D54T11NJ6£3.25--
14131N18£3.00--   35281N27£1.10--   D55T21NJ7£3.25--
16151N20£3.75--   36291N28£1.50--   D56T31NJ8£4.50--
1715a1N21£3.75--   37301N29£2.75--   D57T41NJ9£5.25--
18141N10£2.25--   38311N30£14.00--   D58T51NJ10£5.25--
19161N11£3.25--   39321N31£3.25--   E48441NE1£0.25--
20171N12£1.80--   40341N33£2.25--   N47431NP1£1.10--
21181N13£3.50--   41371N36£3.25--        
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