Sale No. 381     Closing Date : 24th July 2024
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French Colony SPACE-FILLERS section
This section covers stamps which have good appearance however, do not meet our standards of condition to go into our stocklists and are therefore offered cheaply as a space-filler, until a better example comes along.
Lot no.Description Price 
SF/0152 GENERAL ISSUES SG.6 1865 80c brt rose (Fresh unused) Thin at rev Cat.£100 (Yv.6) £6
SF/0450 MADAGASCAR SG.45 1903 25c blue (Fresh M - heavy hinge) Cat.£46 £1
SF/1025 photo icon NEW CALEDONIA SG.9a 1883 5 on 75c rose-carm INVERTED (Fine unused) Cat.£60 £9.50
SF/1033 photo icon NEW CALEDONIA SG.26 1892 30c cinnamon FORGERY (Fine CDS) Cat.£100 £7.50
SF/0484 photo icon NEW HEBRIDES: SG.FD69 1938 1fr lake/pale green Postage Due (Fine M) horizontal gum bend not apparent from front Cat.£65 (Yv.T15) £8
SF/0570 REUNION SG.10 1886 20c on 30c cinnamon (Fresh M) Just cut into at base Cat.£90 £7.50
SF/0279 photo icon REUNION: SG.10 1885 20c on 30c cinnamon (Fine unused) Good full margins Cat.£90 £6.50
SF/0577 REUNION SG.330 1951 100f on 100f Bordeaux (Fine M) Tiny tone spot reverse Cat.£110 £11
SF/0578 photo icon REUNION SG.332 1951 500f on 1000f Paris (Fine M) Faintest of toning at some perf edges - hardly noticeable Cat.£275 £19
SF/1017 photo icon TAAF SG.14 1960 25fr Seal (Fresh M) small thin at margin reverse Cat.£150 £10
SF/1019 photo icon TAAF SG.34 1962 50fr Penguins (Fine M) Patchy gum Cat.£55 £9.50
SF/1020 photo icon TAAF SG.39 1965 30fr ITU Centenary (fine CDS) 3 perfs trimmed at top right Cat.£225 £13
SF/1021 photo icon TAAF SG.46 1968 50fr pt Aux Francais (Fine CDS) Trimmed perfs at right Cat.£170 £9.50
SF/0713 photo icon TUNISIA SG.7 1888 75c rose (Fresh to fine M) Light horiz bend Cat.£85 £10
SF/8582 photo icon TUNISIA:SG.7 1888 75c rose (Fine CDS) couple of slightly shorter perfs Cat.£85 (Yv.7) £6.50
SF/1009 photo icon VATHY SG.85 1893 10c black/lilac type b (Fresh M) small thin top reverse Cat.£65 £5
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