Sale No. 345     Closing Date : 10th March 2021
All prices are in British Pounds Sterling     [Price in square brackets is our original price]
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Gold coinage
British Sovereigns
The following four lots are British Sovereign coins in 22 ct gold with a weight of 7.988grams each. All verified and guaranteed by us as genuine in every respect. All in good average condition. (In a recent gold coin auction sale of many similar gold sovereigns, prices realised averaged over £400 each).
Lot no.Description Price 
G/6040 photo icon Queen Victoria 1899 gold sovereign.(Minimum bid £360) £385
G/6041 photo icon King Edward V11 1910 gold sovereign. (Minimum bid £360) £385
G/6042 photo icon King George V 1911 gold sovereign (Minimum bid £360) £385
G/6043 photo icon King George V 1925 gold sovereign (Minimum bid £360) £385
Single Colony Collections
For collectors who wish to start a new French or Belgian Colony from scratch, we can provide a discounted starter collection for the colony of your choice. This will only apply to colonies where we have sufficient stocks in hand, (which is most of them). Note: the choice of stamps is ours and will include stamps with retail prices (our stock-list prices) between 45p and £2. The collection will come with an invoice listing all its SG numbers; (let us know if you prefer Yvert or Scott catalogue numbers).
Pack A: Collection priced at between £100 & £120. Discount 10% off our list prices,
Pack B: Collection priced at between £200 & £240. Discount 12½% off our list prices.
Pack C: Collection priced at between £400 & £450. Discount 15% off our list prices.
Please state whether the Pack should be Mint only, Used only, or mixed Mint or Used.
(To check whether a Colony is suitable for any of the above packs, please contact us first by email or telephone).
General Issues
1/6044 photo icon SG.7 1871 1c bronze-green (Fine CDS) Cat.£85 (Yv.7) £38
1/6045 photo icon SG.9 1871 39c bistre-brown (Fine Used light dotted pmk) Cat.£65 (Yv.9) £29
1/6046 photo icon SG.10 1871 80c rose-carmine (Fine Used light pmk) EORs Cat.£140 (Yv.10) £65
1/6047 photo icon SG.15 1871 10c bistre (V.Fine Used) EOR Cat.£170 (Yv.11) £75
1/6048 photo icon SG.17 1871 20c blue (FU MQE ddotted pmk of Martinique) EOR Cat.£150 (Yv.12) £65
1/6049 photo icon SG.21 1877 15c bistre (Superb Guadeloupe cds) Cat.£130 (Yv.19) £58
1/6050 photo icon SG.23 1873 80c pale rose (FU MQE dotted pmk of Martinique) EOR Cat.£170 (Yv.21) £75
1/6051 photo icon SG.24 1877 1c green (Fine CDS) Cat.£65 (Yv.24) £29
1/6052 photo icon SG.29 1877 15c grey (Fine Pondichery CDS of French Indian Sett) Cat.£95 (Yv.33) £42
1/6053 photo icon SG.31 1878 25c blue (Fine CDS) Cat.£225 (Yv.35) Super example. £100
1/6054 photo icon SG.32 1878 30c cinnamon (Fine Mayotte cds) Cat.£65 (Yv.26) £29
1/6055 photo icon SG.35a 1878 75c rosine (Fine Mayotte cds) Cat.£75 (Yv.28) £34
1/6056 photo icon SG.43 1879 25c black/red (Fine CDS) EOR Super large margins. Cat.£325 (Yv.43) £150
1/5532 photo icon SG.57 1881 75c rose-carmine/rose (Fresh M) Cat.£110 (Yv.58) £30
1/6057 photo icon SG.58 1881 1fr olive-green (Fine M) Cat.£90 (Yv.59) £40
1/6058 SG.87 1943 1f50 + 98f50 Resistance (V Fine UM) With marginal tab above with Cross of Lorraine. Cat.£48 (Yv.65) £22
1/5946 The 1938 Curie Anti-cancer fund issues for France and Monaco (65c+25c green) (Fine M) Will accompany the colonials set very well. Cat.£29 (2) £9.50
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