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Belgian Congo
Lot no.Description Price 
99/3326 COB.TX6C 1894 5fr black & lake as SG.23 with TAXES h/s (Fine BOMA CDS) £11
99/4099 COB.TX25 1909 5fr carmine with TAXES h/s (Fine CDS) £16
99/4100 photo icon COB.TX26 1909 10fr green Riverboat perf 12 with TAXES h/s (Fine CDS) £17
99/4257 Lovely 1893 Postal Stationery 15c blue on pale blue Leopold postcard to Belgium with fine CDS's of MATADI, BOMA & Ostend. Also circled "8" h/s. On reverse, message & mounting marks. (R7) £14
99/4258 Eight early PPC's Varying views incl many troops at Irebo, canoes, huge termite mound peoples, Eland hunting, farming etc. All used bar one with cds's etc. Mainly Palms p/stat p/cards. Nice lot (8) £48
99/4259 Eight early PPC's Varying views inc many people at Rufisque, Hunting leopard, village views etc. All used bar 2 with cds's. Mainly Palms p/stat p/cards. Nice lot. (8) £48
99/4260 First Flight cover to New York bearing 10fr Memorial and 2 x 1fr50 Waterfalls SG.241,222. With Fine LEOPOLDVILLE 12-12-41 cds's, FF cachet - 1st Flight B.Congo to USA. m/s "Leopoldville-Natal". On reverse, 3 diff BRAZILIAN cds inc Natal, Rio Grande. Lovely. (R8) £19
99/4261 1941 First Flight cover to USA bearing 15c Air & 2fr75 Memorial SG.169, 239. Fine LEO- POLDVILLE cds's. FF cachet "..Congo Belge - Unis Amerique.." On reverse, Miami cds. £15
99/4262 photo icon 1945 OAT (Onward Air Transmission) cover to Chicago bearing 1fr & 2 x 20fr Okapi SG.259, 269a with fine BUNIA cds's & small type boxed "O.A.T." in red. On reverse, Leopoldville cds (R5) Scarce. £35
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